Simple Messenger Free Download

With this Messenger you can send messages to any person from contact book for free using such Internet connections as WiF or 4G, 3G, 2G and EDGE.

Please check our live demo app to see how stable it is!

Features: – 100% message delivery. If your phones goes offline or you experience poor Internet connection your messages will always be delivered. – Delivery reports. – Create conversations with multiple contacts from your phone book. Groupchat. – Set nicknames, avatars, custom visual notifications and sounds. – Extremely simple interface, no unknown buttons – No passwords or pin codes. Just sign-in with your phone number. SMS based registration. – Send messages to anyone from your phone book. – Clean and open source code. – Easy to Reskin (logo, master color scheme, notification sounds etc.) – First 100 users free of charge. Each additional 0.10$ per month. – Admob Ready.

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