Simple Weather V1 Free Download

Simple Weather V1 – a nice Weather App

It’s a full Xcode iOS project written in Swift 2 programming language.

Easy to customize colors for icons,labels,backgrounds and buttons etc.

Simple Weather V1 is a nice solution to obtaining and represent weather information.

We have included all the code to get current the conditions along with a 4 day forecast and a 4 day detailed text forecast for your current location or a searched location complete with flat weather icons.

Forecast descriptions can be retrieved in many languages, read more at:

Supports iOS9. Supports all iOS iPhone Devices. Easy configuration with the related config.swift file, and a fully detailed user guide.

Check Screenshots to see design and Video Preview to see the app in action!

Features: -Easy to edit config.swift file included -You can change the colors of the 85% of items of the app, through the config.swift file -Support Startup Video -Support AdMob banner -Support AdMob interstitial -Get weather data for any location worldwide to include your location. -Includes searching locations controller with autocomplete function. -Connect and retrieve weather data from Weather Underground’s developer API using JSON -Simple Weather V1 is built for iOS 9.3 -Supported iPhone devices: 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus -Detailed documentation included -Very light app

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Requires a Wunderground API key which can be obtained from the Wunderground Developer website:

Please note that if you are planning to sell in-app purchases in the App or sell the App for a price on the App Store, you will need to purchase an Extended License. See the sidebar for more details. This does not apply to AdMob advertisement in the App.

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