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Do you want to know everything about movies ? Which movie is coming, who is the director, when is the release date or even if you want to listen songs and watch video of the movie than here you go.

Single Movie app is an complete package for entire movie experience. You will find everything related to movies here in the app, there are separate sections given for each categories and interest such as star cast, movie trailer, video songs and many more. We have given best possible user-interface and functions in the app with strong admin panel to manage the app. You may check other features which are given below and of course the demo apk is given for more clear idea. The code and documentation is very easy to understand and to work with for any individual developer.
So purchase the app, create your own Movie app and upload it to play store. For more information and support kindly contact us on given email address or on skype.

Username : admin
password : admin

Android Side

  1. Videos,Songs and Wallpapers
  2. Trailer and movie info
  3. Download song
  4. Save,share,zoom & set as wallapaper
  5. Server and youtube video play
  6. Material design
  7. Eclipse & Android Studio(Only Admob Ads Version) Project
  8. Rate App & About Us
  9. Check Network availability
  10. Admob and Startapp both Standalone Package(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp)
  11. AdMob Integrated
  12. StartApp Integrated
  13. Easy Admin panel

Admin Side

  1. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
  2. Display All Details Uploaded
  3. Easily Add-Delete-Update All Details
  4. Json Service

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side
  3. Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what)
  4. Full Document with Screen Shot

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