Snakes & Ladders – Full game template Free Download

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Snakes & Ladders gives you everything you need to build your own game, fast and easy. This project uses the universal rules of a famous board game and will let you customize every possible bit of codes & arts almost instantly. Snakes & Ladders is a complete game project for Unity3D written in JS and C#, With full source codes and art assets included. You can use this project to prototype a new game, use the developer-friendly structure to learn how to design and code such games, and even integrate your own Ad solutions (AdMob, Chartboost, AdBuddiz, etc…) into the project and publish it on the markets and make money from it!

Made with Unity3D
Extremely easy to re-skin. Just load the asset into your project and it works right out of the box.
Compatible with Unity 5.3.4


– Universal Design (Adapts to every screen sizes and resolutions)
– Universal Architecture (Runs on Both Android and iOS) – Supports both Unity free & Unity Pro
– Fully functional game project with Intro, Help, Credits, Options, Menu and Game scenes
– Automatic or manual movement of characters
– Single and 2-Player modes
– Built-in Multi-Language system
– AI for opponent
– Live dialog box
– Star fortune cells which give the game a new twist
– Supports different backgrounds and objects formation
– Full art and source code included!

Re-skin and Customization

This item is extremely easy to re-skin and re-master. After you have loaded the asset into Unity, you can see all the textures used to render the elements inside the game. You can easily replace these textures with your own and instantly see the changes on the screen. The same steps goes for all other resources such as fonts, Sounds, musics, models, etc.

Do not want to re-skin the game yourself? We are ready to help. Just contact us via email.


You can find detailed information on how to use/re-skin/edit/change this project in a help file inside the project.

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