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Trackr is a geo-location and geo-fencing app for Android designed following Google Material design guidelines. It helps users get useful informations about their favorite places, as well as places details, places geographic locations, users reviews and many more.

Ever wondered where you could find the nearest bakery, a good restaurant or your favorite beauty salon? Do not worry, Trackr had you covered since! Find your path among the 50+ categories the app bundles natively; How? It is simple. Tap your desired category, that’s all. ONE CLICK. Wondering how far you are from that particular spot? Simple. tap the Directions buttons in the app. That’s all, in ONE CLICK.

Looking for reviews? just scroll through the Details page. Looking for ratings? Look at your right to corner. You wish to add it to your favorite list? tap the STAR button in the list. You wish to share your current restaurant with friends and family? Tap the SHARE button once… We could continue all day, in the end all it takes is a SINGLE TAP to get all the desired informations you need.

The in-built Tracking engine automatically detects your position, reports it to Trackr, which then compares it with all your defines Geo-fences. Whenever you are in-range of your targeted location, Trackr will notify your users of their proximity with their target.

You found a place not listed by Google and you wish to share it with the World? Yes you can. Simply fill in the required infos in the page provided, Tap the ADD button and you are good to go.

Whatever is the situation and you are looking for a good Geo-location app, look no further! Trackr is here and compatible With Android devices running as low as 2.3!

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