White Labeled Android Institute App Free Download

Institute App is a white labelled app built specifically for institutes to reach out to most college students. After customizations, the app can be easily rebranded with institutes’ own identities by changing name, logo, course name, course details & others. Now, the institutes can use it as their own Institute App instead of developing a new one.

Institutes can easily utilize this app to update students regarding their institutes by sending alerts or notifications to students, uploading institutes’ videos, post images and many other things necessitate to engage your students.

The app also provides students with a memorable experience by taking their engagement to the next level with their own institute, and helps them in getting updates about any news or urgent notification posted by the institute.

Institute App’s Benefits to Institutes:

-Institutes can leverage Institute App’s whole functionality and utilize it as their own mobile app, and save time & money required to develop a new mobile app.
– As the App is fully customizable, it is easy for institutes to rebrand the app by controlling over admin section like managing users, uploading new logo, changing course name, posting image, uploading videos, customizing push notifications & other emergency alerts.
– The App provides institutes with admin codes that they can host on their server
– Institutes can use “About us” & “Contact us” pages to showcase their own institute’s information and other contact details with necessary forms and maps.
– Now, the institutes don’t require to do email marketing or send SMS to students about institutional news or notices.
– It also allows changing the desired color scheme, header image and much more.
– It allows institutes to post timetable for students.

Note: We also provide cloud based admin panel which you can use incase if you don’t have a hosting plan to use this app or set up the admin on your server. Incase if you need help in setup our team can do it one time for you for free. Any additional changes in admin or customization will be chargable.

Institute App’s Benefits to Students:

– Institute App helps students to get informed about institutional updates, news, notifications or alerts.
– It allows students to view the timetable posted by their institute.
– It allows students to ensure all about the courses provided by an institute.
– The app also provides students with an ability to view images & videos updated/posted by an institution.
– “Contact us” section of Institute app helps students to contact an institute for any query related to fee structure, more course details, time table updations, etc.


– Link for Demo APK
– The Backend is built in Codeigniter
– The Backend has to be configured on your own server to manage the app.
– We have a sample backend linked to demo app that you can use to check the app.
– Some images in the app are static. Those can be changed easily as per your needs
– Once purchased, we can install the admin on your server free for first time
– Please send us an email to help you get your app go live on Google Play Store ASAP.

Backend access Details that Controls the App

User :: demo
Password :: admin

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