Bulk Price & Quantity Update Free Download

OpenCart is a free and great open source PHP cart software. It doesn’t provide functionality of Bulk Price and Quantity Update by default. And therefore we have gone an extra mile to meet this requirement for Online ECommerce Stores that sell products in bulk. This plugin makes it easy for administrators to manage store from admin.

The plugin works with latest 2.0 to 2.2.0.x version of OpenCart.

The Bulk Price & Quantity Update Version 1.0 Extension for OpenCart2.X provides following feature:

Easy to install Easy to use Helps in updating price for all products at once Helps in updating quality at once Bulk Price & Quantity Update generation Generate to single product Price & Quantity Update

Due to the very low price of this plugin, support will be provided by email. The script works and is tested with most common configurations. It is very rare server, plugin, or theme configurations may require custom modification or troubleshooting for the script to work.

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