Default Product Options for opencart Free Download

Default Product Options allowed admin to add default options for each category. If admin have some variants(options) which need to include on all the products of any category, then no need to add each options for each products of that category. Simple just use this vqmod module, and select the category and define the options, no need to add on each product for that category, and it’s automatically display front side on product description page. It’s save admin time & efforts. Whenever admin add a new produc, it’s display product options default, no need to add manually.

Eg. Your main category is shirt and you have 5000 products on shirts, and want to add color and size options for all the products, so you now no need to add color and size for each products, just use this vqmod and add once options and assign to shirt category. It’s automatically display color, size for all the product, even when you add new products in shirt category.



  • if you can not open the demo site, please contact me.

Main features

  • Works with Select, Radio, Image, and Checkbox option types
  • Category related new product options
  • Add more option through category for multiple products
  • Add Multiple option to multiple category in single preset options
  • Admin can set option with Option value, price, quantity, Subtract Stock, Points and Weight (Same as product options) from Admin => Default Option => Add Preset Option
  • Admin can Add/Edit Default option for order from Sale => Order
  • Customer can add Default options to cart as same as before (no changes from front end display), including cart, checkout
  • No file changes, only new file will add and add xml file to vqmod/xml folder(OR system folder for ocmod if you are using 2.0 opencart or above)
  • If you have any question related module please leave a comment and i will get back to you asap.

    Thank you.

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