Opencart Google Trusted Stores (VQMOD) Free Download

Opencart Google Trusted Stores (VQMOD)

This extension allows your to integrate Google Trusted Stores (Badge & Order module script) on your opencart store very easily. Its very easy to install this extension and as its vqmod, no core files overwritten

Opencart Version: 1.5.x.x to 2.x.x.x

All changes are done by using VQMod (2.5.1 or higher) so it’s required to have vqmod installed.

Important: Read all the instructions before buy. Your store must comply to Google Trusted Store policy. No refund will be given in case of that.

Main Features

  • Google Trusted Store Badge Script.
  • Google Trusted Store Order Module.
  • Very easy to integrate. Just a single vqmod file.
  • No opencart core files overwrite.
  • Enable/Disable or Remove anytime you want.
  • Support MultiStores.


Admin demo :
user : demo
pass : demo
(Go to System > Settings, Edit default store and click on Google Trusted Store tab)

Frontend demo :
(Since its demo, you have to look for Google Trusted script in “View Source”)

Store Requirements

  • Your opencart site must have SSL enabled and your order confirmation pages must only be accessible using HTTPS. This extension already does that.
  • Your store must use an HTML5 DOCTYPE.
  • If your store uses a third-party checkout process to complete a transaction, your customers must be directed back to a confirmation page hosted on your store’s domain for the JavaScript code to work properly.
  • Your store’s shopping cart pages, checkout pages, and confirmation pages must be hosted on the same domain as your store’s domain.
  • Please refer to this link for more info:
  • Once you have completed code validation and submitted your application, your account will enter a qualification period for a minimum of 30 days while Google assesses your eligibility to participate in the Google Trusted Stores program. The qualification period may be extended if there is insufficient data to determine your eligibility.


1) FREE Support will provide only to bug fixes of this extension only.
2) No FREE modifications and integration to customized website or with other extension.


Version Update - Release on Sep 27, 2016

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