Opencart Image Compressor (VQMod) – Speed Up Your Site Free Download


– Upload a jpeg/png from your computer and see how much it is optimised.
– enter catalog/demo and click crush images and watch as the images are compressed.


Q: Can Image Crusher compress images that are live on my site now? A: Yes, you enter a folder name and the Module will scan all the images in this directory and all subdirectories for images. It will then compress all of the jpegs & pngs it finds.

Q: Will this work for all image types? A: This version of Image Crusher is for JPEG’s and PNG’s only.

Q: What happens the original file? A: The original file stays on your computer, untouched.

Q: How does the Image Crusher know how to reduce the file size? A: The actual compression of the images is carried out by the GD Graphics library. This is part of php and the functions analyse the images and strip out things like comments and meta data. Therefore your image can be reduced in size without lowering quality.

Q: Can I set the compression level A: Yes, this can be set from 1-10 in the admin

Q: What compression level do you re-commend? A: Level 7 is a good choice for sharp images that are small in size.

Q: What if I upload another file type? A: If you upload any other image type it will simply be processed as normal and the Image Crusher will not touch it.

Q: What if the image quality is poor? A: If you select Level 10 compression your images will still be good as the module applies a threshold in the background to ensure the image quality does not come out too bad. Take the Opencart version.

  • Download the Image Crusher package.
  • Upload the files to the root of you opencart store.
  • Go to your admin and Extensions > Modules.
  • You should see Image Crusher in the list. Click Install.
  • Click Edit.
  • By default the image crusher will be turned on.
  • Select the level of compression you want. Higher compression = smaller file size!
  • Click Save.All images uploaded through the image manager will now be compressed automatically. You will receive a popup that shows you the how much the Image Crusher reduced your file size by.You can also compress all the images that are live on your site. Just make sure you clear your image cache afterwards.




If you are upgrading from a previous version of Image Crusher, simply copy over the existing files on your server and reload your admin.

If you have upgraded your site to Opencart 2.0+, make sure to download the correct version of this module for your open cart store



Ensure the module has permissions. Go to System>Users>User Groups>Top Administrator.
Ensure module/image_crusher is checked for access permission and modify permission.

Delete your vqmod cache files

Clear your site cache.




If you require and assistance please submit a ticket using the contact page:
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