50 Quizzes Pack for Buzzy – Vol 1 Free Download

Personality Quizzes Pack for Buzzy


This pack includes only “personality quizzes”, taken from PlayBuzz.

To install this pack, you must have installed:

  • Buzzy, and
  • Buzzy Quiz Plugin.

If you are not familiar with the “Buzzy” script, here is the link:

Buzzy Quiz Plugin is here:

What’s in this pack?


1. Can We Dare To Challenge Your Brain?

2. Are You Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

3. Which dance style should you try?

4. Which “Vacation” Character Are You?

5. Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or A Regular Person?

6. Which True Blood Character Are You?

7. The 10 Question Test That Can Determine If You’re Type A Or Type B

8. Would You Escape The Sinking Titanic?

9. Which Grown-Up Child Star Are You?

10. Can We Guess If You Are The Oldest or Youngest Child Based On Your General Knowledge?

11. What Horror Movie Icon Are You?

12. What Makes You Emotionally Wealthy?

13. Which Adele Song From New Album 25 Are You?

14. What ‘80s British Band Are You?

15. Do You Like Food More Than People?

16. This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Self

17. Which Member Of The IT Crowd Are You?

18. What Is Your Strongest Emotion?

19. Which “Jurassic World” Dinosaur Are You?

20. What Do People Really Think About You?

21. Which Video Game Is Your True Home?

22. What Mountainous Region Should You Visit?

23. Which Type Of Cake Represents Your Personality?

24. Will You Survive A Horror Movie?

25. Which Famous Movie Wedding Would You Have?

26. Which Classic TV Roommate Are You?

27. Based On Your Personality, Are You Good Or Evil?

28. Which Muppet Are You?

29. How Well Do You Remember Scream?

30. Which Hot Drink Suits Your Personality?

31. What Season Best Describes Your Personality?

32. Can You Pass 5th Grade English?

33. What Kind Of Monster Were You In A Pastlife?

34. What Color Does Your Personality Represent?

35. Take This Color Blot Test To Discover Who You Really Are

36. Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant?

37. The I’m Not Telling You What It Is Quiz

38. Are You A Hero Or Villain?

39. Which “Shameless” Guy Should Be Your Valentine This Year?

40. Do You Suffer From Pareidolia? Take This Quiz To Find Out

41. Can You Pass An American History Quiz?

42. What does your personality say about you?

43. Which Childlike Behavior Is Still Within You?

44. What Are Your Spiritual Powers According To Your Birth Date?

45. Quiz: What’s Your Fashion Style?

46. Which Heels Should You Rock According To Your Personality?

47. Are You A Bad Girl, Sad Girl or Mad Girl?

48. Which TV Duo Are You And Your Best Friend?

49. Which “Peanuts” Character Are You?

50. Do You Think Like A Human Or A Machine?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact via contact form:

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