API Plugin For DuckSell Free Download

helps you sell your digital products on your own website by delivering them securely to your customers. You can sell various types of downloads, for example: pdf, ebook, program, template, photo, music, video, audio, mp3 etc.

With this plugin you will be able to retrieve certain informations about transactions, customers and products via application programming interface using GET or POST requests. The API will respond using standard JSON response. See screenshots or demo for more details.

System Requirements

  • DuckSell 1.5 or greater

Installation Instructions

  • Sign in to your DuckSell application as admin.
  • Navigate to ‘Manage’ under plugins on left side menu.
  • Click on ‘Add New’ button.
  • Using ‘Browse’ button find your plugin zip archive and click on ‘Submit’ to upload it.
  • After upload has been completed you will be able to see new ‘API’ item on plugins section where you must go to configure plugin.

Note: If you are unable to upload plugin you can manually unpack plugin archive and upload the content to this directory: your_public_path/shop/inc/app/Plugins/

Setup Instructions

The API system works by first having the admin create an API key which holds the appropriate permissions to access the API. This API key can be used to authenticate the supported methods to call API by HTTP POST or GET to return or update certain informations.

Creating API keys

To create an API key please login to your account and click on the API link on the left-side menu. From here, please click the Add new button to create new API key. API methods can then be accessed by placing this API key in appropriate request field.

API permissions

You can grant permissions for each API key. Each API method has its own permissions and you can grant and revoke permissions within the API setup panel. By default new API key has all permissions granted.

Revoking API keys

You can revoke API access simply by deleting previously generated API key. On the right side pane click on delete button to delete API key.

Error Responses

If a request cannot be completed successfully, the response from the API will contain information that can be used to determine what went wrong. There are several ways to determine that the request was unsuccessful. Either the HTTP Status header will contain an error status code if the API cannot be reached or there will be error element in the response. This element will contain an error code, error message, and (if applicable) other informative values to assist in debugging the problem.

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