Baymatic RSS Search Engine EPN Free Download

Baymatic is a powerful Search Engine to find items selling on Ebay Marketplace. You can earn commisions with Baymatic and eBay Partner Network. Ebay Partner Network is the affiliate program of eBay Inc. Increase your web content in a seconds with Baymatic! Best practice: You can write niche products reviews and embed Baymatic for earn commissions from your visitors with a simple script call.


  • No encrypted files!
  • Easy Configuration!
  • Awesome Advanced Search!
  • 13 different Ebay global Sites!
  • Auto Currency Switcher!
  • Search by Price Range
  • Images Zoom
  • Max 200 results per page!
  • No Ebay API required!
  • No DATABASE required!
  • Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.5!
  • RSS responsive for all device!
  • Optional Features

  • Enable Free shipping On/Off
  • Enable Hide duplicate items On/Off
  • Enable condition items
  • Enable listing items for All, Auction or BUY IT NOW
  • Enable search in description items
  • Requirements

  • Hosting with PHP 5.x
  • Server function fopen() enabled, check your Hosting Service plan
  • Ebay Partner Network account (your campaign id) just sign up
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