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blank Theme

blank Theme for social-network-script vers. 5.1
Demo on:
Domain_user: Demo
Domain_pass: Demo_123

last update:
+ add custom extra.boxes with own html or whatever for right side.
+ now you can enable blogAddon for leftmenu in configuration
– fixed post.header.tooltip.bug
+ fallback function
+ switched to 3column design
+ swapped sides main with right
+ added
+ list of joined and own communities in
+ third column reserved for Ads!
+ redesign
+ redesign
+ redesign main.editor
+ redesign post.headers
+ added privacy.icons for post.headers.privacy.status
+ implement newest ion-icon version 2.0
+ added sticky scrollbar for Ads
+ added sticky scrollbar for profile.left.column
+ added new information.table – design
+ how2: change from default first.letter.Avatar to default.gender.avatar (female & male)
+ add your own gradient.color for header in backend
+ add own icons.color for header in backend
+ add your own icons for custom fields on

! please test before buy.
! install on a clean core.script.

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Please, after install press save in blank.theme.configurations in backend. update database & config.

for updaters

the framework generate and store the views in a seperate folder
after update you must delete the old files (old views in storage.folder)
the crea8social core has no fush cache or flush views -button
go to: app/storage/views/… and delete all in this folder
the same for: app/storage/cache/…

please Note! We use free icons for this theme. You must credit the following line in your
Some icons by . Licensed under a .

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