Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.0 Free Download


Bootstrap HTML Builder is a tool that help to create the Bootstrap html file by drag and drop, it helps create html files faster that will save you tons of time working.

Bootstrap HTML Builder Features

  • Unlimited html projects
  • Unlimited html files
  • Create, edit, download, delete html project
  • Create, edit, download, delete html file
  • Design html file with drag and drop component elements
  • Support preview html file
  • Support test environment for desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Support bootstrap theme
  • 17 bootstrap themes is included
  • Demo for 17 bootstrap themes are included

Component elements

  • Blank space: help to create blank row
  • Button: help to create button
  • CSS Code: help to add css code
  • HTML Code: help to add HTML code
  • Javascript Code: help to add Javascript code
  • FAQ: help to create FAQ
  • Google Map: Help to create Google Map
  • Image: help to create image
  • Navbar: help to create navbar with menu
  • Row: help to create row
  • Tab: help to create tab
  • Text Block: help to create text block with editor (tinymce editor)
  • Text Heading: help to create text heading
  • Video: help to create youtube, vimeo video

17 bootstrap themes is included

  1. Cerulean theme
  2. Cosmo theme
  3. Cyborg theme
  4. Darkly theme
  5. Default theme
  6. Flatly theme
  7. Journal theme
  8. Lumen theme
  9. Paper theme
  10. Readable theme
  11. Sandstone theme
  12. Simplex theme
  13. Slate theme
  14. Spacelab theme
  15. Supperhero theme
  16. United theme
  17. Yeti theme


PHP 5 with ZipArchive


 Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.0 2016-03-1 ------------------------------ - first release. 

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