Carpooling / Ridesharing Script Free Download

Current Version 1.2 (Released: August 31, 2015)

The carpooling Script is a PHP based 100% source free, customizable software solution.

Anybody who is willing to start a web portal for car pooling can buy this script and customize it according to their business requirement.

Today, car pooling is one of the hottest online business. Do you want to start your own car pooling website?

Developing your own car pooling website can become tedious for you.

Work smarter by using this car pooling script which is the best time and money saving option.

Highlights of Car pooling script:

1. Every registered member, a car owner or a customer, on car pooling website can have a unique dashboard.

2. This car pooling script is supported by Google maps to locate customers right at their place, no matter where the are located.

3. The script gives provision for private settings. E.g. if the owner does not allow smoking inside his/her car, or if the customer is always accompanied by a pet.

3. It gives advanced search options with several filtering choices for customers to search at their comfort level.

4. The script has provision for instant notifications through emails.

5. The script also has automatic price calculator.

6. Above all, the script provides option for SEO friendly URLs to provide analytics on number of visitors for the site, with info graphics and statistics.

Admin Demo

Password: welcome123

Front-End Demo

Current Version 1.2 – (August 31, 2015)

 Added new feature - Responsive design provided for mobile compatibility.   Updated - Under ‘Post a trip’, the add route option is now changed to ‘your passing through points’’, for showing the travel direction.  Fixed - For posted trips, the same points were being shown to both departure and destination. Now it is fixed and departure and destination points will be displayed appropriately. Updated - Now, for entering mobile number, the user can enter a minimum of 4, and a maximum of up to 15, both numbers and characters for mobile number.  Fixed - Edit trip was not working and now it is fixed.  Fixed - The trip legs issue is fixed and now all the trip legs which comes through the travel, will be displayed.  Fixed - In the user dashboard, the link to ‘search for a pick up’ is now navigating to the ‘home page’.  Fixed - In the user dashboard, ‘add a pick up point’ is now linked to ‘post a trip’ page.  Fixed - In the user dashboard, under my trip, all the sub-tabs (sub-navigations) are linked to their respective pages.  Fixed - Under my settings, ‘Change password’ functionality is now working.   Admin Section -------------------- Updated - Under Master Module, the option ‘Category’ has been changed to ‘Vehicle Brand’. Updated - Under Master Module, in the ‘Vehicle Brand Page’, the text ‘Category’ has been replaced by ‘Vehicle Brand’ everywhere.  Fixed - Under Master Module, Enable and Disable functionality is now working, for admin to either choose to show or not to show an information in the front end.  Fixed - Under Master Module, under the Vehicle Image page, the images for all the vehicles is getting displayed.  Fixed - Under Master Module, under the Vehicle Image page, the image upload issue is now resolved.  Fixed - Under Master Module, in the Vehicle type dropdown, an unwanted text called ‘Form Controller’ which was getting displayed, is now removed, and not showing anymore.  Fixed - In order to get an update on posted trips, the admin can now get notifications on recently posted trips. For this, some of the latest trips posted will be shown.  Fixed - After the admin has edited a content in a particular page, an option called ‘Go to Page’ is provided, which takes the admin for the Front end view of that edited page.  Fixed - The admin can choose ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ option for Testimonials, to either choose to receive testimonials from customers or not to receive the same.  Fixed - Under the site users, for add new travel user, the admin can receive mail notifications now.  Fixed - For traveler’s list, for disable’ option, a message asking for confirmation for disabling, is now shown.  Updated - The logout option was provided only in the profile page. Now apart from that, a separate Logout option is given.  Updated - For testimonials, the admin has an option to provide ‘upload image’, for giving an option for the user to upload photo while providing testimonial. Enable and Disable options have been provided to admin, for the same.  

Version 1.1 – (August 24, 2015)

Fixed – Facebook and Gmail latest API version is updated and Facebook and Gmail login are working.  Fixed – Allows up to 15 digits for mobile numbers, and henceforth mobile numbers of all the countries gets   accepted.   Fixed – All the English spelling corrections have been done.   Fixed - In dashboard, the dropdown settings link was wrong and now it is corrected.  Fixed – ‘My upcoming trips’ which was showing all the trips, is now showing only the User’s trips.  Fixed – Post a trip did not have date and time option and now it is added.  Added – Form validation added for Profile edit.   Added – Validation added for ‘Post a Trip’ option. Added – The car allocated for a particular date and time, for a particular trip, will not be allocated another trip at the same time on the same date. Verification has been added for this.  Removed - Oauth validation which was required at the time of installation is now removed. Fixed – Auto scroll issue has been fixed in Trip Search Page.  Added - Trip cost and date were not appearing on search page. Now it appears.  Added – Seat Enquiry without login will navigate to login page because login is compulsory for the user for Seat Enquiry.  New Feature – Admin can define the country. New Feature – Admin can define the currency. New Feature – Admin can define the language. 

Version 1.0 – (August 18, 2015):

- Initial Release 

Easy Step Installation

Unzip the Carpooling folder and put it in the root folder and navigate this to your local host/server. Once you are in this , the form will appear to start the installation process.

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