CIFullCalendar v2 Free Download

CIFullCalendar v2 is a server-side dynamic web application that is responsive to any layout of a viewing screen which uses CodeIgniter v2. The “Super Saiyan Fusion” power of CIFullCalendar allows users to organize, plan and share events to everyone. Simply, install it to your server and become a member then use the wonderful features by easily manipulating your events by dragging, dropping, resizing, clicking, touching, categorizing, linking and importing/exporting.


  • Supports MySQL or any CodeIgniter supported databases.
  • JSON – Allows your app to share all of your public events by url. (
  • RSS Feeds – Share your public events by rss feeds (
  • Link Events – Members are able to link each of their events to their Google, Yahoo and live calendars.
  • Draggable Events – Allows members to easily drag and drop events by category on the calendar
  • Calendar settings – Allows administrator and members to adjust the FullCalendar settings easily.
  • Scheduler Support – Newest beta release that displays events well and assign them easily to various categories.
  • Attachments – Add/Update/Delete events with an allowed attachment extension (txt,docx,zip.. etc).
  • Recurring Events – Add/Update events daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by resizing, dragging and clicking.
  • Background Events – Add events that appear as background highlights.
  • Touch Support – Update or create events by touching or dragging events. Supported by many touch devices.
  • Google Maps – Members are able to use the google maps to view all their events location instantly.
  • Import/Export – Import and Export ICal files (ics, ical) that are used by many popular calendars.
  • Search – Allowing visitors or members to search for public or their own private events by title.
  • Notifications – Public events notifications to administrator.
  • Language – Uses CodeIgniter language library for easy translation to desire language. (English current language)
  • Event Category – Members are able to filter events by categories and add, update and delete their categories.
  • Event Source – Members are able to view calendar feeds from other urls on their own calendar.
  • Administration – Administrators of the site are able to moderate the site and other activities.
  • Member Profile – Members are able to update their details, change password and etc..
  • Member’s unique url – Show the world your own public events (
  • Print friendly – print your calendar events in its current view with your browser.
  • Template – Easily customize your own themes. (Currently using bootstrap v3.3.5)
  • Language – Easily select your desire language. (English current language)

Demo Logins:

  • u:admin p: 123456
  • u:user p: 123456


  • Add your language with the appropriate words:

Change Logs (Sept. 25, 2015)     - *Uses CodeIgniter v2.2.4 framework     - *Uses FullCalendar v2.4.0 with agendalist + Momentjs v2.10.6     - *FullCalendar Scheduler beta support      - Uses Bootstrap v3.3.5     - Drag and drop events     - Administrative approvals of public events     - Request an event to published as a visitor     - Calendar preferences     - Apply updated features  

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