CLUB-8 EMS – Event Management System A to Z Free Download

“CLUB-8 EMS – Event Management System” is designed to help Ticket Seller’s and event planners more easily navigate every aspect of the event process. Increase attendance and engagement by using “CLUB-8 EMS” event management software to create multifaceted marketing campaigns surrounding your events. Create organization-wide event success with powerful reporting, strategic integrations, Sale’s System, Ticket Booking and Guest Registration service.


DashBoard: High Performance DashBoard. Total Report Included.

Event Section: Event Create / Edit / Delete. Old Event Disable Section.

Ticket Section: Ticket Add / Edit / Delete. Ticket Disable, Out Of Stock Management.

Event Inventory: Set / Adjust Ticket Sale Limit, Sale History, Discount, Due & More.

Guest & Visitor: Add / Edit / Delete Guest List, Manage There Bill’s & Ticket.

Billing Section: Generate Invoice, EaSy Search Old Invoice, Total Sale’s History.

Salesman Management: Add / Edit / Delete Sale’s Person. Easy Maintain Invoice.

Campaign Section: EaSy Campaign & Invite System By Email & SMS. Event & Guest Targeting System.

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Password: admin

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