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Password: Test111


     Registration     Login And Sign Up easy (Now is fast)     Fast Ajax Based registration (make profile only with 4 steps)     Fast Login (cache based login only with your password our system know your email)     Password Reset (if you don’t know you password don't worry reset it now)  User Profile (Now looks great is different than Facebook)     Upload photo and cover easy with one click     Friends Section (your friends)     Photos Section (your latest uploaded photos)     Groups Section (in how much group you are)     Profile Information (when you are born , how old are you etc…     Wall and News (Of course we do not miss it to add a powerful wall for your social network you can expand more than 70 url’s any of which “YouTube”, “VIMEO” , “INSTAGRAM” , “SOUNDCLOUD” etc..  Settings – Manage Everything     Profile Settings (update your profile)     Groups Settings (manage groups settings)     Change Profile name (you can change aways your name)     Change profile password (change your password if you want new)     Black List (add members to black list if you not want they to view your profile     Delete your profile forever (our system will delete all your history , images , files and etc.. don’t wory we are not information collectors     Closed Profile (Great function yes ? with this function you can be calm from intruders)  News Feed – Comfort is important     Great Grid based design of our news feed comfort is important     Follow the news of groups , friends and much more  Request – Real Notification     Group Request (you will get invites from group in this section)     Friends Request (The peoples who wants to be your friends will give you a friend request you can view it on the Friends Requests)  Notifications     Likes ( you will get notification when someone like your post , photo , video etc..     Shares (you will get notification when someone share your post to his wall)     Dislikes (you will get notification when someone dislike your post , photo , video etc…  Music – The Music Is life     Ajax based music player (when you browse on the website the music will not stop)     SoundCloud API – (60 billions of songs just search it and the songs will come)     Playlist (collect your favorite songs and play it fast when you want)  Guests – There are no secrets     Guests (with this function you can view all users who have visited your profile)     Enable/Disable (you can easy enable or disable this function if you don’t like it  Entertainment Games – Because we will kill boredom     My Games (the games when you have played)     Games Section  Dating – Meet With your love     Like (like photos of participants in dating section)     Wink (Wink to your future love)  Ask Like     Ask questions (you can ask Antonym questions)  Who is online     This feature allows you to check who is online in the network  Top – 50     Top – 50 function (here you will see the top 50 members in the website based on rating system)  #Hashtags     #Hashtags (Incredible #hashtags search engine ajax based just enter a word and you will get information of it if exits )  Search     Ajax based search engine allows you to search members and groups (you can filter the search engine with function “members online , male , female,etc…)  Chat – is more than real     Send images , videos, audios (our chat provide you a possibility to send media to your friends   using the chat)     Chat History (here you can view all chat’s history)     Drag able (move your chat and paste it wherever you want)  Sticker Store (For The chat)     Sticker Store (our sticker store is very completed add or remove stickers from our stickers store)  Wall – Because it’s convenient     Attach photos (share photos with friends)     Share links (Share links with friends     Attach post (attach you important post of the top of your wall)     Like (like your friends of yourself posts)     Dislike (dislike your friends of yourself posts)     Powerful expand url system (you can expand more than 70 URLs any of which “YouTube”, “VIMEO” , “INSTAGRAM” , “SOUNDCLOUD” etc..)     Delete posts (you can remove stories from your wall if you not like it)     Pop up wall (like a twitter or vk )  Videos     Upload videos     Like and comment videos     Video feed     Video Album  Groups     Groups (create groups and promote your brand)     Groups settings (manage your group settings like the profile settings)     Post stories on the group wall (wall for the groups here you can share with your   followers stories)     Group Photos (you can upload in your group photos )     Moderators (add or remove moderators from your group)     Invite friends (here you can invite friends to be followers to your group)  Events     Create event (you can create event from the system calendar     Invite friend (invite friends to your event) Admin panel     Manage everything written above in one place easily and quickly 

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