Crea8social Membership Addon Free Download

Turn your Crea8social Social Network into a Social Network

  • with Paid/Premium Membership features.
  • Generate even more revenue by creating membership/subscription plans.
  • Control who can access your communities, pages and games.
  • Restrict status updates/image updates from non-premium members.

List of Features:

  • Create up to 3 Premium Membership Plans
  • Restrict Page and Communities access based on membership
  • NEW!!! HTTPS Memberships Portal
  • NEW!!! Use Stripe as your payment Processor
  • NEW!!! Membership Cards
  • NEW!!! Restrict Game pages based on membership
  • NEW!!! Membership buttons in the home page
  • NEW!!! Show Memberships page after the Getting started page for new users
  • NEW!!! Disable posting for non premium members
  • Auto membership expiration
  • Access denied message
  • Payment success message
  • Hide content from public and guests
  • Use PayPal sandbox/Stripe Test Keys to test the system
  • HTML messages in the Memberships Page, Access denied page, transaction pages
  • Set Membership plan expiry by days
  • Addon uses Paypal and/or Stripe as the payment processor.
  • Works with your existing front end theme or the Admin theme

Accept Stripe/PayPal/Credit Card/Debit Card Payments from your customers

DemoPlease checkout our demo at

Customize Membership Cards and buttons

Please visit and look for the Customize Addon menu.

Recommended Installation Guide: Please visit for the updated documentation.

If you are new to crea8social addon installation, please contact professional support from us at

Update Instructions: Please find the update instructions at

Change Log ### Version 3.2.0 (Released 13/07/2015) - Added Guest Post Restriction ### Version 3.0.0 (Released 19/06/2015) - Added HTTPS Membership Portal page - Added Stripe Payment Processor - Added Membership Cards ### Version 2.0.1 (Released 16/06/2015) - UI Updates added material look type cards ### Version 2.0.0 (Released 12/06/2015) - Added Game Page restrictions based on membership - Added the navigation buttons in home page ### Version 1.4.3 (Released 10/06/2015) - Fixed headers sent bug - Updated the application core - Updated the layout adding return links ### Version 1.4.0 (Released 1/06/2015) - Fixed the Addon conflicts with other addons - Updated the Help Documentation - (Please replace your /Addons/Membership directory with the new addon files ### Version 1.3.2 (Released 29/05/2015) - Fixed the Membership Buttons (changed appAddonsMembershipsroutes.php) - Updated the Help Documentation  
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