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PicWiz now supports the following designs: Please note: These designs are not made by me and hence, don’t come with PicWiz. You need to buy them from the links on this page and then shoot me a message. I will edit your template(takes no more than 15 minutes) and give it to you.

is a solution to enable photograghers to build a professional grade portfolio within seconds. Yes, Seconds! We demonstrate this claim in a video on youtube as well. Check

While building PicWiz, our goal was to make something really simple and very fast for people to build their portfolios. Every element, every page, even the documentation is a result of days of hard work, done with the sole purpose of satisfying you.

We showered PicWiz with a plethora of features advance features which allowed us to make it so fast. Check them out:

  • Fast
  • With PicWiz, we knew that both the photographers who will use it and their end users, that is their audience, will need speed. With that in mind, we made sure that PicWiz is blazing fast. After all, who wants to wait for a page to load, right?

    • We use the lightest and most reliable technologies for the Admin Panel to make it fast.
    • We allow multiple uploads, multiple deletes and multiple edits for your photos, so you don’t have to do any repetitive boring stuff.
    • We cut down on dependencies to a bare minimum so there are no useless resources being loaded. For example, when bootstrap is used, we make sure that we use only the modules that we actually need.
    • We used Zepto wherever possible instead of jQuery because it is lighter.
    • We gave you Dropbox uploader alongside the usual one, to make things faster. You can simply import your images from dropbox.
    • We allow importing from flickr and instagram so you don’t have to upload things again.
    • PicWiz makes many thumbnails for various needs. There is no point in loading a 2MB picture for a small circular box, right? So picwiz actually loads a a small 50kb file when it needs to display a smaller image and a bigger file for when images need to be big.
    • Watermarking capabilities: PicWiz can automatically put a scaled text watermark, according to your preferences to all the images you upload. Save time from not using your usual image editor to add that little text watermark!
    • A built in
  • Secure
  • If you are buying something, you should have a peace of mind in terms of security. PicWiz keeps that in mind and makes sure that we use all the possible methods to make your portfolio secure.

    • Safe from XSS attacks, SQL injections, Brute force attacks and other common such threats.
    • Uses captcha on contact forms to reduce spam.
    • Captcha on login if too many failed attempts to remove the possibility of brute force attack.
    • Right click disable on images so people can’t just save your work.
    • Easy watermarking capabilities to make sure that YOUR photos remain YOURS forever.
    • Tips given in documentation to increase security.
  • Reliable
  • Well ofcourse, PicWiz has to be reliable for you to use it. And we checked everything thoroughly and made sure that it is, in fact, ready to server your needs. And serve them well, it should.

    • Uses reliable and proven existing technologies to serve various purposes.
    • Well tested and thought out coding structure.
    • Made with ease in mind.
    • Brilliant designs bundled for free so you don’t ever have to worry about your website being below power.
  • Beautiful
  • PicWiz is bundled with many premium themes to make sure that all your needs are met.

    • Comes with 4 premium themes.
    • Many more themes coming soon.
    • We will covert any of your existing theme to work with picwiz for free.
    • We are looking to partner with design companies to bring you the best look for your website.
  • Easy
  • This was our goal when building PicWiz. Make it as easy as possible for the users. Building a website or installing a script can be a tough task and that’s where picwiz looks to make it all seem like a breeze.

    • Comes with documentation containing information on all the features and their best usages.
    • An in detail installation documentation with images to make the toughest tasks easier.
    • Some videos to easily guide you in completing certain tasks.
    • A quick start guide.
    • Easy watermarks.
    • Comes with a dedicated installer to make life easier.
    • Confused? Need any help? You can always contact us. We are always happy to help.

    With our thorough documentation, using picwiz will be a breeze. But still, if you want any changes, anything special done, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you great support! We want you to be satisfied after all.

    And for your satisfaction, check out the bundled premium designs:

    And don’t forget or prized admin panel: Username: Admin

    Password: picwiz

    Note: The admin panel demo isn’t function due to safety reasons. For working demo, contact us.

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