Drag & Drop Custom Multistep Form Builder Free Download

Create any form you want using drag-and-drop functionality. Store registrants in a database and export to excel as desired.

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The Drag N’ Drop form builder provides an easy to use tool for creating almost infinite configurations for end-user forms. Using the simplicity of drag-and-drop and user experience patterns available in most integrated development environments, you can customize forms in several ways.

The Technology

  1. PHP 5.4.23
  2. MySQL Community Server (GPL) – version: 5.5.34
  3. phpMyAdmin (or your preferred user interface for MySql)
  4. JQuery 1.7.1

Customize and embed your forms anywhere

Feature Summary

  • Choose from 11 different draggable fields to create your form
  • Create custom themes easily
  • File-upload control with Amazon S3 cloud integration
  • Export registrant list to an excel spreadsheet
  • Customize required field validation
  • Add tooltips as a help-resource
  • Easy to populate drop-down-lists (simply type comma separated list)
  • Real-time updating
  • Combination fields – made up of several fields in one eg. Address Field
  • Autosave – background save process triggers intermittently as you create your form
  • Customize your forms by selecting themes or easily creating your own themes
  • Embed your form anywhere
  • Receive email notifications when someone submits entries to your form

Creating customizable forms has never been easier

View your submissions or export them to an Excel spreadsheet


 01/23/2017 - version -Fixed vunerability with Mailer library -Added some input validation  08/17/2015 - version -Masked Input Fields with extensible masking via external xml document -”Label on Top” theme -Extensible pre-set form templates with ability to import new templates -New textbox mode: Password mode (for password fields) -New textbox mode: Number mode (for numeric up/down field with customizable range) -Support for adding custom CSS classes to fields -Fixed bug with fields returning after being deleted  06/10/2015 - version 2.0 -Improved: validation -Added: Formbreak/Multistep control -Added: Date/Time control (with innovative from/to mode) -Added: Captcha control -Added: Image control -Added: Paragraph control                             -New: Copy/Clone existing forms feature -New: Create unlimited data-dictionaries that can be bound to list controls -New: Always in-view mode for field editors -New: Customize submit button text feature -New: Customize redirect url after form completion -New: One-click to add control to form 

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