Examplo – Online exam system Free Download

EXAMPLO is easy to use testing (exam) tool for schools, language schools, training institutions and for everybody, who want create exam easily with different types of question with using drag & drop system to testing students or members of courses.

The main features of Examplo are:

  • drag & drop builder for creating exams
  • 11 types of question
  • audio based questions
  • student management
  • internal communication
  • 3 language versions
  • Responsive Front-end and Back-end
  • Review question and answers
  • Advanced Administration panel
  • Teachers can share tests
  • Internal communication
  • Teachers can make. edit and delete classes
  • Summary students results

Types of question:

  • Options
  • Fill word
  • Yes/No
  • Short answer
  • File
  • Understanding – Fill word
  • Understanding – True/False/Not stated
  • Listening – True/False
  • Listening – Fill word
  • Listening – Options
  • Essay


This version including 3 language version – English, Slovak and Czech.

How to change language

  1. Open “config.php”
  2. Write language abbreviation like “en” or sk” or “cz” (they are included)

Note: Installation service is available for 15$.



  1. Prepare empty MySQL database with appropriate user and password
  2. Unzip and upload files from upload folder to your server
  3. Setup configuration parameters in config.php
  4. Run installation by open
  5. Use your Examplo

After first installation, you can log in with default account:
Password: admin


Demo is available here:

Password: admin

Note: Customizations service available, you can contact us by in my profile.

Sources and Credits

I’ve used the following files as listed.

  • Tracy library from Nette
  • TinyMCE
  • Some libraries from Opencart
  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Simpleplayer

Other things from us

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  • Europass (CV) Template for FormFiller –
  • GogooooSE – Superior Fulltext Search Engine Script with spelling, keywords highlighting, boolean search and more

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