Facebook Messenger Bots for PHP Free Download

Your businesses are growing an growing, and you have too much (potential) customers, especially on Facebook, congratulations. But wait, are you spending too much time and money to chat with your Facebook customers? Are you trying to find a way to save more time and focus to your businesses. Congratulation again, Facebook has just released an awesome which helps you to do that.

Did you see some website use their features? Like , , or … Are they cool? Do you want to have these features? We can’t wait to see you show up your bot before your opponents did.

You can build your bot now by reading . But this is still hard, you want a simpler process? So Facebook Messenger Bots for PHP was born to help you do that. Just follow some steps to setup your app, include Facebook Messenger Bots libary into your project and start defining things. You don’t need to be a geek to make a bot

This is the sample code of a bot, simply right?

Note: We’ve completed a bot for our self and it works but still need Facebook approval to public our app for demo. You’ll need Facebook approval too. Facebook said it may takes few weeks during approval process, and we can’t make sure exactly how long because this belongs to Facebook. Currently, you can try some demo on . If you really need a live demo of this product, please send us a message via contact form and we’ll invite you as tester of our Facebook app to see the live demo.

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