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Store everything about your money, your incomes and expenses at one place. See how much you totally have earned, how much totally spent. And plan to manage them better.
Also get notified when you will pay or when you will get paid the next day.
+ See your entries grouped by year, month.


  • Responsive layout (Can be viewed in any device)
  • Easy and simple to install and use
  • Secure Login system
  • New user registeration
  • Anti spam register form protection (a math question)
  • JavaScript validator for all forms
  • Password reset requests (sends reset link to user’s email)
  • Add your all incomes and expenses, See your profit and your data in bars and manage them
  • Shows past incomes and expenses in one table, and future incomes and expenses in another table.
  • Automatic email notification system for future incomes/expenses (One day before that date). Will be done by Cron Jobs, Will send mail to the people who have income or expense tomorrow.
  • Online help
  • View, edit and delete your data
  • Search your data and Sort all columns and searchs
  • Print, Excel output
  • jQuery Datepicker
  • Famfamfam Icons used
  • Very low size (about 1MB)
  • Description for almost all code lines

Also, When you search or sort your data, If you go to other pages, When you return back to the main page you will see your search and sorts applied to the results again.

New updates and features

  • Separated tables for past and future incomes/expenses
  • Automatic email notification system for future incomes/expenses (You must use Cron Jobs to do this automatically everyday)
  • Bugs Fixed.

You will get email, when you will have an income or expense tomorrow.


  • PHP 5.3
  • MySQL database
  • Cron Jobs for automatic notification

Help and Support

If you need help or you have questions about this software, Please ask us now.
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All comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please tell us how you feel about our work. Also warn us about the bugs.

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