Followly – Social Networking Platform Free Download

is a simple, easy and intuitive Social Network Platform. A social network allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share posts, and so much more.

If you want to create a community of Followers, this is the application that you must buy.

Try the online demo using the following login details:

User: usermain
Pass: 123456

This user also is an administrator.


Like, Comment, Share:

Cards emerging:

Who is online:

Powerful search engine users and hashtags:

Notifications in real time:



Please leave us a message through this and we will be glad to help!


Update V1.2.4 [ 20 September 2014 ]

  • Was improved, the implementation of logging, with Facebook.
  • We have implemented authentication with Twitter.
  • Publishing posts was improved.
  • Display “responsive” Improved.
  • Update V1.2.3 [ 18 August, 2014 ]

  • Improved recharge notifications in the dashboard.
  • Added a basic ad manager for 200 px banners. Especially for use with Adsense.
  • Ads can be changed from the admin panel.
  • Ads are displayed on the dashboard, as well as profiles.
  • Update V1.2.2 [ 8 August, 2014 ]

  • A problem with the user name was corrected (in Profile – Likes).
  • The problem of long chains in the posts, was solved.
  • Update V1.2.1 [ 8 August, 2014 ]

  • The recharging posts was improved in the dashboard and profile.
  • Update V1.2.0 [ 7 August, 2014 ]

  • Fixed some errors.
  • Algorithm has been optimized to display the post on timeline profile and dashboard.
  • Now, “following” is no longer displayed in the timeline profiles, or the dashboard.
  • A “User Verified” loses this icon when your personal information changes.
  • Implemented the version 2.0 API facebook, for login with Facebook.
  • Now you can share post. The post to share, can be our or other users.
  • Now there are alerts in real time, each time a user has shared one of your post.
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