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I wanted to put a little part in my item description to let you know what are the plugin I used to create GagShow and also to thank the guys who made them for free.

  • which is the awesome PHP framework which is used to run GagShow. If you are a PHP developer, I really recommend you to give it a try!
  • is a well known “front-end library” used to make a website responsive easily.
  • is the CSS library used along with the jQuery plugin for the animations.
  • is the cool icons library used everywhere in the Funny Slideshow theme.
  • is a jQuery Color Picker plugin. In Funny Slideshow, it is used in the design tab of the admin panel.
  • is the jQuery plugin used to make the background slideshow of the homepage.
  • is the jQuery plugin used for the autocomplete feature when you want to put a featured stuff on your homepage.

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