Handyman – Domestic Service PHP Script Free Download

A new complete domestic service PHP script with powerful admin panel features
– Handyman.

Live Demo – Cleaning Service PHP Script

The details below can be used to login to the demo:
Live Demo:

Username: 9874563210 Password: demo 

Admin panel Demo Link:

Username: admin Password: admin 

  • Fully functional Domestic Service PHP script
    Handyman helps you to launch fully functional cleaning service php script. its works like plug & play.
  • Documentation
    Extended documentation available for clean master
  • Mobile Friendly
    Responsive mobile device features are available.
  • Login / Registration
    User login & registration available
  • Post order
    A user friendly form available to post a order. Admin can manage service available area pincodes from admin panel
  • Add / Remove Services
    Admin can add / remove any services & sub services from backend.
  • Manage orders & users
    Admin can manage orders & users easily from admin panel
  • Hire a cleaner
    Anyone can apply for cleaner job through a form submission. admin will be notified after submission
  • SEO friendly
    Finally its comes with SEO friendly. Admin can manage keywords & meta description from admin panel.
  • Support Tickets
    Let you open tickets to keep track of any incident. It also supports email tickets –

Version History 2.0: (Jul 7, 2016)

  - Paypal added  - Improved few features. 

Version History 1.2: (Jun 30, 2016)

  - Few bugs fixed  - Security improved  - New features added 

Version History 1.0: (Jun 22, 2016)

  - Initial release 

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