HelloVideo – Video Ratings Plugin Free Download

The video ratings plugin enhances your Hello Video platform to help keep your users safe. You can set a rating to any of your posted videos and a user must meet the Minimum Age Requirement to view the video. If a user never set their age requirement, they will be prompted to do so. The plugin uses the MPAA movie rating system and the US TV rating system. You can find what they are and the age requirements below.


  • Give a video a rating!
  • Users now have birth dates
  • Block underage users from watching certain videos
  • Prompt a user to enter their birth date if they haven’t already (on a video with a rating added)
  • Admin user will always be able to see any video, despite age restriction!

Rating System

Movie Ratings / Age Requirement:

  • G – 0
  • PG – 0
  • PG-13 – 13
  • R – 16
  • NC-17 – 17

TV Ratings / Age Requirements:

  • TV-Y – 0
  • TV-Y7 – 7
  • TV-Y7-FV – 7
  • TV-G – 0
  • TV-PG – 0
  • TV-14 – 14
  • TV-MA – 17

You are going to already have installed the latest version of HelloVideo for this plugin to work. You can find it here:

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