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Ripple Info Check
The Ripple Info Check is an advanced PHP / PHP+AJAX script, allowing you to create variable Ripple web services or to integrate Ripple information to your web site. This script includes lots of amazing features:

The Ripple information futures

  • Show registered trading name for a ripple address (even for non-activated accounts).
  • Show Ripple address for a trading name.
  • Show logo for a Ripple account, if exist.
  • Show name of the Ripple account.
  • Show web-domain of a Ripple account.
  • Show how many transactions were made with a Ripple address.
  • Show type of a Ripple address (gateway or user).
  • Show validation status of a Ripple address.
  • Show transfer fee for a Ripple gateways.
  • Notify if a Ripple address is not activated yet.
  • Notify if a Ripple address is valid.
  • Create a QR-code for a Ripple address.
  • Show all balances with all connected gateways.
    • Main futures

      • 4 widgets: Information, Balances, QR code, Admin area.
      • Widgets can be used in any order, together or separately.
      • Animated logo when new informations is loading.
      • Search available in three formats: Ripple address, Ripple trading name with ”~” and without it.
      • Form submission by pressing “Enter” in a Ripple field.

      Info widget

      • Shows all available information about a Ripple address.
      • Notify about activation and validity of a Ripple account.
      • Shows Ripple servers errors, if occurred.

      Balances widget

      • Show summery of all balances with a same currency.
      • Show balances on each gateway separately.
      • Easy gateway check by clicking on it’s name.
      • On hover shows tips with less rounded balance and with gateways addresses.
      • Show only XRP balance for gateways (for fast script performance).

      QR code

      • Show QR code of a Ripple address.
      • On hover shows tips with a Ripple address.

      Admin area

      • Shows if PHP cURL is installed (need for fast performance).
      • Shows processing and loading time of the script.
      • Shows Ripple examples to try script with.

      General script futures

      • Two versions of the script: PHP and PHP+AJAX.
      • Automatically using the PHP Curl if installed (for faster performance).
      • Easy to customize, examples are given.
      • Well commented script code.

      Exclusive PHP version futures

      • SEO friendly Urls (if rewrite mode on).
      • Ripple account data can be easily used separately.
      • PHP examples with raw data for easy integration.

      Exclusive PHP+AJAX version futures

      • No page refresh, content loaded with AJAX
      • All example pages as .html, no PHP code inside.
      • Default Ripple address or trade name can be set as an attribute for the widget’s div element.
      • HTML examples for easy integration.


      In the settings.php file you will find the following settings for installing and configuring the script.

      • $adminmode – if true, shows Admin area widget.
      • $ripple_server – in case if you want to use your own.
      • $default_ripple (for PHP version) set here a Ripple address, if you want to load information about it right when your page is open.
      • $gateways – database with popular gateways, you can add here any other gateways, for fast load.
      • $roundbalance – shows in which order to show currencies in balances widget. Also set here decimals for each currency separatelly, used to round balances.
      • $errors – you can change here the text of some errors shows in script or to translate them.
      • $decimals_def – default amount of decimals if not specified for the currency in $roundbalance
      • $dec_point – decimal point for balances, can be anything like ”.”, ”,” or ””, ” ” or anything else.
      • $thousands_sep – thousands separation for balances.
      • $rewrite – set it as false, if your server do not support rewrite mode. (For SEO optimized links)


      Unzip the folder “” you will get two folders “php” and “ajax”.
      Download one of the folders or both of them to your server.
      “php” folder include a php version and “ajax” folder include an ajax version of our script, where you will also find html examples with no refresh technology. On your server in “php” folder find the “htaccess.txt” rename it to ”.htaccess”. Visit the folder which you loaded to your server, script will run automatically.
      For example you have site if you load folders to root directory like “www” or “html”, then you can access your script like or
      Folders can be renamed. Rename “ajax” folder to “ripple”, then you can access the script by visiting
      To check our examples you need to visit in this folders pages like example1.php, example2.php, example3.php, example4.php for php version, and example1.html, example2.html, example3.html example4.html for ajax version.
      You can also easily integrate script to your exist php pages (php version examples) or to html pages (ajax examples).
      P.S.: Examples pages are not necessary for script functionality and can be deleted.


      You can find a demo for this PHP script by visiting a live site online at Demo site.



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