iPeople – A place where you can rate your friends Free Download

iPeople is a social network platform, where you can rate your friends. With iPeople you could build your own Yelp for People.

Also, iPeople, is a social network allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share posts, and so much more.

Remember: Everything you do in this social network, you can never remove. Are the rules.

Try the online demo using the following login details:

User: usermain
Pass: 123456

This user also is an administrator.



  • Nothing is deleted in this network: This to make more reliable the reviews and comments.
  • Authentication: You can authenticate with Facebook, or your email.
  • User Profile: You can have your own profile.
  • Cover and Photo in User Profile: Add a special touch to your profile. iPeople provides a user profile with photo and cover, which you can edit at any time.
  • Notifications in Real Time: Constantly you will receive notifications in real time. When someone comments on your post, when someone made like on your post, when someone has given you a score, etc.
  • 100% Responsive: Observe it on any device (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets). It is 100% responsive.
  • Multilanguage: You can add a new language, duplicating a folder and editing some php files.
  • Themes: You can add a new theme, duplicating a folder and editing the file css.

… and much more. Check the .


Please leave us a message through this and we will be glad to help!

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