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JAXchat is a web based chat room application for your web site that requires little more than a few lines of HTML in your web page after uploading the code to your web server.

It does not require a database or any post installation set up. Upload the application to your server, add 3 lines of HTML to your web page, and start chatting.

It includes additional chat client skins in the form of simple CSS files that can be selected with a simple skin name in the settings or a custom skin can be easily designed by using one of the existing skins as a starting point.

It utilizes PHP 5.x on the back end and the jQuery Javascript library on the front end with an AJAX messaging system based on JSON messages between your server and the client in the web browser. The chat client will automatically load the jQuery library from google if you are not already using jQuery in your web page.

It includes a short chat history so new connections can immediately pick up on the conversation. Nuisance spamming is prevented by chat throttling. And it auto links web addresses posted in a chat message.

The chat client also includes some commands and helpers for the users to make the client easier to use. This includes a help message, an emote command, end user session command, tab auto-completion of user names, clicking on the user name list to enter a name in the message input line, and clickable links that start with https:// or ftp://.

And it includes an administration page that can be enabled in the PHP configuration file to allow for kicking users, banning names, banning IP addresses, delete messages from history, and sending system wide messages.

The system chat messages are also stored in plain text template files so they can be customized for your site.

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