Licence Verification- Envato Secure Licence System Free Download

If you are a plugin or theme maker, you will know that selling here on Envato is a great way to reach your market and make money. And you will also know that as a vendor, your customer’s Envato Licence Keys are issued for admin purposes only. But, with Licence Activation, Envato just got even better.

With this script designed specifically for WordPress plugin and theme vendors using the Envato platform and powered by the Envato API:

  • Secure every sale of your plugin or theme sold through Envato so it can be activated and used only with the verification of the Envato Licence Key
  • Restrict each sale for use on one WordPress install only
  • Protect your valuable intellectual property from theft and illegal redistribution
  • Guarantee more sales and profit for your business


As standard, your Envato licence key is issued as proof of purchase for your own on-site support queries only.  However, preventing intellectual property theft and denying activation of your product to those who have not paid for it is an absolute must.

So let Licence Verification by Native Plugins take care of this and relax in the knowledge that your property is protected and your  plugin or theme can’t be re-used or re-sold to more than one licensee.



Our script is clean and solid. Insert it into your plugin files as per the instructions on our documents and secure every copy of your plugin or theme sold.

Once installed, a “Licence Key” tab will appear below your product name on the WP admin bar.

Your plugin or theme will be locked and users will be prompted to enter their Envato Licence Key. Only after this automated verification of their purchase with Envato will the plugin or theme work.

If the customer attempts to install another copy of your property on another site, activation will be denied, requiring them to make another purchase.


If you would prefer to have us install Licence Verification in your plugin or theme we provide a full installation service.

Our charges are as follows:

Plugin setup:  $80

Theme Install: $140

Please contact us via our profile page us after purchase to book an install.

Thank you!

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