Like Button Free Download


Like Button is JavaScript and PHP based script that allows you to add like functionality for your projects.

Features list

  • 2 Database drivers: MySQL, File(atomic saving)
  • 2 Layout views: Vertical & Horizontal
  • 5 color schemes for active button
  • Dark & Light color schemes for inactive button
  • Match sociall buttons sizes – looks nice next to Twitter and Facebook like/share buttons
  • JS Callback functions
  • Preloader is added on AJAX request
  • PHP API to get number of likes and check if item is liked
  • Counter can be a link with title
  • Allows to like and unlike(optional)
  • You can disable default counter and use custom one
  • You can bind multiple buttons with the same ID so when you click on one, value of all will be updated


v1.2, 11 January, 2014:  - Added atomic loading/saving and file locking for File Database - Added custom counter and disabled counter options - Added PHP API  - Added MySQL import file  v1.1, 8 January, 2014 - Added MySQL support - Optimized File database - Refactored files structure  v1.0, 7 January, 2014 -Initial release

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