List Importer for Buzzy Free Download


“List Importer for Buzzy” is an add-on and must have tool for anyone using “Buzzy – News, Viral Lists, Polls and Videos”.

Note: This is an add-on for Buzzy script which will work only if you have installed Buzzy.

AMAZON S3: This importer does not work with amazon s3 storage option of buzzy. If you are using amazon s3, please do not buy it.

If you are not familiar with the “Buzzy” script, here is the link:

Thousands of viral lists are ready to import from the top viral websites viz. Likes, BuzzFeed and BoredPanda

For more details, visit demo page
For front-end, visit:


  • Select User

    Choose different users before import. Users list will be available in a drop-down select box.

  • Select Category

    Select desired category from the list before hitting import button. You may add new categories from Buzzy’s Admin Panel.

  • Auto Publish or Save as Draft

    You may choose whether you want to auto-publish the imported item or save it as DRAFT (to be activated later from admin panel).

  • Credits

    There are plenty of options to give attribution to the author. You may choose whether you want to give credits or not. And, if you want to give credits, there are different templates to customize the text of “credits note”.
    To know more about credits settings, .

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact via contact form:

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