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This pack includes only “lists” and “polls”. To install this pack, you must have “Buzzy” installed on your server.

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What’s in this pack?


1. 15 Love Stories You Should Know

2. 7 Huge Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee

3. 10 Ways To Prove How Manly You Really Are

4. 7 Foolproof Ways To De-Stress On Campus

5. 9 Phrases Smart People NEVER Use

6. 9 Places That Aren’t Sea World Where You Can Spot Whales

7. 5 Places Where Sun Never Sets

8. 24 Reasons Why MEN Should Be The Ones Who Get Pregnant

9. 11 Genius Hacks That Every New Mom Must Know

10. 17 Mistakes Every Drunk Person Makes

11. The 30 Dumbest People Ever

12. 17 Reasons Having a Kitten Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

13. 9 Puppies Rockin’ That Dadbod Trend

14. 21 Incredible Nail Art Designs You’ll Want Immediately

15. This Crazy Tattoo Is Giving Me Nightmares

16. 8 Thoughts Everyone Has During A First Kiss

17. 21 Pictures That Prove Children Should Never Be Trusted

18. 15 Things That Only 80s Kids Understand!

19. 13 Little Things Your Man Secretly Adores About You

20. 21 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl

21. 25 Thoughts Every Girl Has During a First Date

22. These Comics About Real Pregnancy Struggles Are Almost Too Real

23. Best Animal Animated Movies For kids

24. 12 High School Movies To Watch

25. 5 of Nature’s Most Dangerous Baby Wild Cats

26. 17 Perks of Being a Tall Girl

27. 12 Crazy Toilet Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

28. Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

29. 13 Foods That Remind You Of Your Childhood

30. 10 Ways to Look Like a Millionaire

31. 10 Baby Animals Bathing That Will Make You Say “Awww!”

32. 24 Things That No Longer Make Sense When Watching Home Alone as an Adult

33. 10 Times You And Your Roommate Read Each Other’s Minds

34. The High Heel Hacks You Need To Know

35. 17 Truths All Women Who Suffer From PMS Know to Be True

36. You Won’t Believe What Girls Are Doing To Their Hair!

37. 10 Things We Learned This Weekend

38. 7 Things That Happen Every Time You Text Your Crush

39. 10 DIY Projects To Make Your Christmas More Hogwarts

40. 5 Things You Should Say To Yourself After Making A Big Mistake

41. 14 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Headphones Could Do

42. Mom’s Advice Vs. Dad’s Advice

43. 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christopher Columbus

44. 10 Signs You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship

45. A Perfect Date With Your Love!

46. Suprising Degrees Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Earned!

47. 13 Things That Start To Become A Reality When You Hit Your 20’s

48. 19 Annoying Things That Always Caused Arguments On Bebo

49. 15 Daily Activities You Can No Longer Do Without Your Smartphone

50. 10 Ways To Avoid Road Rage!!!

51. 10 Problems With Social Media

52. 17 Signs Your Mom Is Superwoman

53. 15 Reasons College Is Just Kindergarten With Beer

54. 35 Most Adorably Awkward Childhood Photo Recreations

55. 16 Ways To Look Chic In Sneakers

56. 15 Signs You Are a Crazy Cat Person

57. 21 Animals Stuck In Extremely Odd Places

58. 5 Cool Places You’ve Never Heard of In Canada

59. 12 Things You Can Do While Facebook is Down

60. 15 Reasons To Love NASA Even More

61. 31 Reasons Why Monkeys Are The Best Animals On Earth

62. 20 Dogs Who Don’t Know They Are Dogs

63. 22 Unbelievable Facts About Your Eyes

64. 23 Thoughts Every Tomboy Has Around Her Girlfriends

65. 25 Perfect Photos Taken Right Before a Disaster

66. 10 Things To Know Before You Go Abroad

67. 20 Ways To Live Like A Disney Princess

68. The 15 Absolute WORST Things People Have Been Told On a First Date

69. 20 Insanely Creative Tattoos You Wish You Had The Guts To Get

70. 22 Creative Ways To Tell Everyone You’re Getting Married

71. 10 People You Wish Were Your Co-workers

72. 10 Great Money Saving Life Hacks

73. 15 Toys All Girls Owned From Their Childhood

74. 22 Reasons Vegetarians Are Smarter, Sexier and Happier Than You

75. 10 Undeniable Facts About People With Green Eyes


1. Is Spanking Child Abuse?

2. Updated Vs New Disney Princesses

3. Should This Model Be Called PLUS SIZE?

4. What Is Your Favorite American Landmark?

5. Do men REALLY prefer Blondes’ over Brunettes?

6. Team Tea Or Team Coffee?

7. What’s the best fast food chain

8. Which ‘Friends’ Character Would You Date?

9. Where Is Your Favorite Beach In America?

10. Men With Glasses, Hot or Not??

11. Friends Vs How I Met Your Mother

12. Is Flirting Online The Same As Cheating?

13. Who Is Your Favourite Bond Girl?

14. Who’s Your Favorite Once Upon A Time Character?

15. “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie Trailer: HOT or NOT?

16. Pick Your Next Bond Car

17. What Will Cause World War III?

18. Who is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character ?

19. Will You Upgrade To Windows 10?

20. Would You Sleep With A Superhero?

21. Would You Get Back With Your Ex?

22. Your ideal Valentine Date…

23. The Chicken Or The Egg

24. Are You Going To Buy the New iPhone 6?

25. Which Form Of Social Media Do You Use The Most?

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