Minecraft Whitelist Controller Free Download

Minecraft Controller (Minecraft Whitelist Controller) website allows you control whitelist through website. This will make your administration easier . Players can apply for whitelist place through website and Admin need one click to accept him and player will be automatically added to servers whitelist , also admin can reject player and player will be able to apply again. Support skype: puressuport
Username: admin
Password: admin

  • User registrate in website to be allowed apply for whitelist place
  • User can change his avatar in website
  • Apply for whitelist place
  • One application for one server. If rejected , user can apply again.
  • User application list page (All applications)
  • Mass mail function through AdminCP
  • EditUser in AdmiCP
  • High security for password
  • High security login and password storage
  • Multiple servers can be added (MyServer 1 or MyServer 2 or Bungee Servers apart)
  • A lot of ways how to use this site
    • Soon will be available Mini commands for server.
  • Website is tablet friendly.
  • Notification system
  • Built-in message system (Used also for support and notification)

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