MTDb – Streaming Plugin Free Download

MTDb – streaming is a plugin for and requires it in order to work. It adds movies/series streaming functionality on top of other MTDb features.


Movie With Links Demo:
Episode With Links Demo:

Demo with Mercury Theme (needs to be purchased separately)

Movie With Links Demo:
Episode With Links Demo:


  • Attach Links from various sites to movies and episodes of series.
  • Embed videos, use custom player or link to external site.
  • Indication that movie/series is available for streaming in homepage/index and movie pages.
  • Attach multiple links of different type to each movie/series.
  • Users can report broken links.
  • Delete broken links in batch from dashboard.


  • Working MTDb installation (Latest version).
  • PHP 5.3+
  • Mysql and Apache/Nginx server.


2015 July 29 – Version 1.3.2

 - Added missing quality input field when adding a new link. - Poster will now have a 'play trailer' button. - Fixed an issue where some embed links were not working properly. - Moved add link button from series page to episode page. - Fixed an issue with episode dropdown being empty in add link modal. 

2015 July 27 – Version 1.3

 - Redesigned links panel which will improve a lot of issues with layout and hopefull will look better. - Users now can vote on the quality of links. 

2015 January 16 – Version 1.2

 - Users can now add links. Admin must first approve them from dashboard before they appear. - Security improvements. - Fixed a problem with pagination. - Fixed a problem with some videos not going fullscreen. - Several other various bugfixes. 

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