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MultiNews is a fully responsive News API for your website or application. It allows you to easily display all of your RSS feeds in a single place with a very simple and user friendly admin panel. Key features of MultiNews include:

  • Advanced Filtering – Filter articles based on keywords set in the admin panel
  • Unlimited Feeds – MultiNews can handle as many news feeds as you need
  • Ajax Loading – Load more articles straight into the current page
  • Responsive Design – Built ontop of Bootstrap 3 ensuring MultiNews is fully responsive
  • Track Interactions– Tracks which articles are producing the most interest
  • Monetize Articles – Display advertisement or sponsor message when user views full article
  • Analytics – View which articles are producing the most interactions
  • Simple admin panel – Very simple, highly customizable and user friendly admin panel
  • Secure – Password protected admin panel and protected from SQL injection

MultiNews is fully supported and worked on as a continued project based on feedback from customers. Think MultiNews could use some extra functionality? Please let me know in the comments section.


  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL database


Please don’t use the comments section for support requests, use the Support tab instead for quicker responses.

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