Multipurpose Quality Assurance System Free Download

Quality assurance is the way by which anyone can track about the quality of the of the system which he is developing. The quality of the system depends on that how your quality assurance system is authentic and able to track to the performance or quality of your product. Organizations use the quality assurance systems to make sure that their products are meeting their objectives and goals which they need. The quality assurance system is the way to of measuring that what the organization does and how it is competing with its competitors. A multi purpose quality assurance system has a huge scope. It can be used in every field and for every product to ensure its quality. In a multi purpose quality assurance system, there are lots of options to measure different kind of thing for different kind of projects. Our Multipurpose Quality Assurance System have following features:

  • Can create multiple projects
  • Create as many users as you want
  • You can select custom color for your list
  • Can check mark items
  • Can generate PDF
  • You can send PDF to anyone via email
  • Project Status Option
  • You can assign Category to you tasks list
  • You can clear whole checklist at once
  • You can add remarks on every single item
  • And many more…

For testing purpose Admin Account Details: email: password: admindemo

User Account Details: email: password: userdemo

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