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Easy to get started and use, Passworx is a simple, easy to use, web-based Password Management application written in PHP/MySQLi & jQuery. These days you need to remember way to many passwords. Passworx offers a web based system with one account/password to remember to access all of your Accounts/Passwords.

You can add all of your passwords into a single user account, which is locked with a master password. So you only have to remember a single password to unlock the all of your password entries.

Passworx is designed to assist in creating a password management website where unlimited users can join and store their passwords.

User Features

Simple Login, New Account Regestrations and Password Recovery.
User’s Profile Manager.
Unlimited Account Categories.
Unlimited Password Entries
Full Editing ability for Categories and Entries
More Features in the pipeline

Admin Features

Full Administration area to manage all Users, User Accounts and other Administrators.
Unlimited User/Admin Accounts.
Deactivate & Activate Users/Admins as needed.
New Account Registrations can be disabled.

App Features

All Accounts, Usernames & Passwords are encrypted in the database.
Fully Documented & Clean Code.
No Frameworks used, Passworx is fully hand coded from the start to finish.
Easy to use web-based installation & setup.
Translation ready via Localization files.
Passworx is Built using Bootstrap 3.2.0 & Fontawesome 4.1.0
Passworx REQUIRES PHP 5.x & MySQLi Connection, and mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt.

Change Log:

 Minor Update - September 8, 2014  Update Details: 1. Updated index.php to set the $pageName variable correctly 2. Added the View User Page (viewUser.php) page to the translation files  If you have all ready translated any of the language files, just copy/paste the new localizations (at the bottom of the updated file to you translated file. DO NOT over-write your file, or all translations will be lost.  FILES UPDATED ----------------------- /index.php  /pages/     viewUser.php  /language/     ALL FILES 
 Major Update: July 2014 - New Version 2 - Reworked that dashboard - moved the tabs from the top to the left. - Updated to Bootstrap 3.2.0 - Updated to Fontawesome 4.1.0 - Minor bug fixes 
 May 2014 - Initial Release 

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