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PHP Appointment and Billing Manager is a robust piece of SaaS software, allowing one to manage multiple business initiatives under one administration panel. PHP Appointment and Billing Manager is a robust is built to provide a reliable, secure BUT effective, clean an uncluttered workspace not only to issue quotations, invoices and process payments, but it also includes a fully featured SMS console and appointment manager with automated SMS text reminders. Other features include automated reminders for invoices due, automated monthly customer statements, billable item manager, SMS console group manager, multiple SMS gateway manager, customized email templates – just to name a few. The ultimate goal for this project is to provide a billing and appointment platform, with the primary focus on simplicity and with minimal external resources to ensure a fast-loading interface. PHP Appointment and Billing Manager is a robust can be used as an outsourced service as well – allowing the administrator access to all business initiatives / profiles, and the profile owner limited access to his/her profile only.

 11 Sept 2015 Updated the image path URL in each PDF template file, located at /application/1.0.1/views/pdf/* - Changed <?=base_url()?> to <?=FCPATH?> (which translates to the absolute file path). This simply means that the PDF (dompdf) now embeds the company logo image of each profile, instead of downloading the logo image. 
 11 Sept 2015 Initial release 

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