PHP Happy Weather Widget Free Download

I present to you Happy Weather Widget, a new breath to display the weather. The modern, minimalist and animated design with changing wallpaper depending on your city input brings a new zest to view weather. Widget features: Forecast for 5 days / 3 hours, 7 days and the current weather. Settings menu with changing fonts, enable/disable animations, 7 languages, C / F and forecast mode. Detailed forecast with rain and snow prediction, the level of cloud cover etc. on hover the mouse on a particular day or 3h time range. Crossbrowser compatibility. Auto detect user location via IP or browser geocoder. Full AJAX Support and more… Happy Weather Widget use API Open Weather Map (

P.S. This is a Basic version of Happy Weather Widget. Now I am also developing an improved version Pro with a bunch of additional features such as charts, weather for tourists (from point A to point , warning of severe weather conditions (such as tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.) and much more. Expect updates

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