PHP One Page – One Class Contact form Free Download

PHP One Page-One Class Contact form with-secure customizable captcha,jquery,ajax json validations.mail receipt acknowledgement,bootstrap design,google map,mail templates,singleton class,well documented support,simple and fully customizable,purely object oriented codes.

No other CSS or Javascript file need to be included as CDN libraries of jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap has already accelerated the UI.

Thoroughly Documented at every step of code and highly re-usable fully object-oriented script can be used in any web application or sites having PHP and SMTP.

Used singleton class methods to accelerate the speed which is very useful for developers and also general users.

The script was developed in a view to the best practices of coding and tried best to make it user friendly, mostly helpful to general users and developers too. More options can be added by a general users having very little knowledge of HTML and PHP.

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Version 2.0

  • Easy common setup for SMTP using PHPMailer
  • Switchable PHP/SMTP Mailing options
  • All reported and known Bugs resolved
  • Bootstrap 3.2.0 ready
  • Enhanced Design to make a better user Interface
  • Hang with “Checking…” Bug resolved
  • Captcha having less number of characters Bug resolved

Version 1.9

  • All features of previous version with…
  • Easy common setup specified at the end
  • Switchable JavaScript captcha to create non-PHP captcha (specially those don’t have PHP-GD in their servers)
  • Allowable HTML tags to stop unwanted hyperlinking from visitors
  • Added Security Configurations to block code / CSFR / XSS attacks
  • Added Examples to demonstrate the best usage

Version 1.8

  • All features of previous version with…
  • Google Map integrated
  • Controls for captcha customization to enable users more stronger captcha
  • Set to hide Google Map and get the previous simple contact form
  • Added field for Address at the top of the map
  • Added font file for captcha font styling

Version 1.6

  • All features of previous version with…
  • Tooltip integrated with each field
  • Required Asterisk mark on required fields
  • Fully responsive for large, tab & mobile devices
  • Disabled submit button at AJAX calls
  • Added Validations for non required fields
  • International phone number validation added
  • URL validation added

Version 1.5

  • All features of previous version with…
  • Tooltip integrated with captcha
  • Click to Refresh Captcha
  • Auto Refresh Captcha when incorrect
  • Customizable Captcha with custom characters
  • “Contact mail receipt” acknowledgment to the sender
  • Real-time Validation on focus-out with tick/cross icon
  • Fully customizable captcha
  • Fully customizable e-mail with templates
  • Page compressor configuration control
  • HTML content mail
  • Mail-type configuration control
  • All features from one class file
  • No extra CSS or JS file needed
  • Can be integrated into any MVC easily.

Version 1.0

1. Server side AJAX validated via JSON
3. Anti-spam filter by PHP captcha image
4. Fully responsive design by Bootstrap 3 CDN
5. In-built page compression to increase Page speed
6. Error/Success response animation by jQuery
7. Fully customizable configurations for E-Mails
8. Fully Object-oriented
9. Using PHP mail function with customizable mail contents
10. Highly re-usable standards
11. Can be integrated in any existing website or application

To Do:

  • Contact mail with attachments
  • Multiple HTML templates to select from
  • …And Many more

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