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PHP Web Scraper helps you generate codes to automatically get HTML from a web page on the internet and display it on your website. For example, say you want to automatically get the latest Tennis rankings from, all you need to do is give the URL of that page and a CSS selector to the app and then insert the generated code into the source code of your page, so whenever someone visits your page they get the latest Tennis rankings directly from

Note: This plugin assumes that you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.


PHP Web Scraper cannot scrap certain types of content:

Videos – YouTube, Dailymotion and most other video sharing websites.

Flash Based Content – The contents of flash files (the flash file itself can be retrieved).

Ajax & JavaScript Generated HTML – Content that is generated using AJAX, Angular.js or similar techniques cannot be scrapped. You can check if a page uses these techniques simply by disabling JavaScript in your browser. If you can still see the content then you can scrap that page.

Dynamically Generated HTML – Content which is dynamically generated based on certain criteria like geographic location of the user, or capabilities of the user’s device, or content that is visible only to logged in users.


Q. Can I use this on WordPress?

No you can’t, but I’m going to develop a separate plugin for WordPress too.

Q. How can I get the entire page of a website?

Just leave the optional “HTML element” field empty.


We assumes no responsibility for any abusive use of this software product and/or violation of any terms of usage of the grabbed web pages. If you decide to use this software product, do it with responsibility and make sure that you are allowed to display the grabbed HTML contents from the web page by checking its terms of usage. This software product is sold exclusively on

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