phpGameTracker Free Download

phpGameTracker is a complex platform for tracking games servers. phpGameTracker was built with newest PHP/CSS/HTML/MySQLi specifications. Also, this script has dynamic elements like Vote System (Ajax) , Search servers (JQuery) etc. phpGameTracker has protection against XSS, SQL Injection and all vulnerabilities.

To Log In to Admin Panel use:

16 games tracked – more games soon
VIP System – For servers, with different prices and packs
Voting System – Built with Ajax
Live Players – List of players LIVE
Add server instant – Query for new server is live and if server looks fine, it’s added instantly
No account needed – You don’t need an account to add servers !
Unlimited servers – You can add as many servers as you want !
Ads System – Ads are displayed random
Dynamic search for servers – List of servers updates after every letter you type
Admin Panel – All you need you found in Admin Panel
Multilanguage System – Add/Delete/Edit your languages
Dynamic banners for every server – Use our free banners to make your server public ! You can customize them !
Social Bar – Add your Facebook/Twiiter/Vk Page
and many more…

  1. PHP (min) 5.x
  2. MySQLi
  3. .htacces Rewrite
  4. fsockopen available
  5. CronJobs
Version 1.0 - Released

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