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50 Lists, 25 Trivia Quizzes & 25 Polls for Rocketeer


This pack includes only “quizzes”, “lists” and “polls”. To install this pack, you must have “Rocketeer” installed on your server.

If you are not familiar with the “Rocketeer” script, here is the link:

What’s in this pack?


1. 15 Things That Only 80s Kids Understand!

2. 24 Things That No Longer Make Sense When Watching Home Alone as an Adult

3. 15 Reasons To Love NASA Even More

4. Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

5. 15 Love Stories You Should Know

6. 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christopher Columbus

7. Mom’s Advice Vs. Dad’s Advice

8. 25 Thoughts Every Girl Has During a First Date

9. 10 Signs You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship

10. 16 Ways To Look Chic In Sneakers

11. 21 Incredible Nail Art Designs You’ll Want Immediately

12. 22 Unbelievable Facts About Your Eyes

13. 17 Truths All Women Who Suffer From PMS Know to Be True

14. 10 Ways To Avoid Road Rage!!!

15. 9 Phrases Smart People NEVER Use

16. 5 Things You Should Say To Yourself After Making A Big Mistake

17. 12 High School Movies To Watch

18. 9 Puppies Rockin’ That Dadbod Trend

19. 15 Signs You Are a Crazy Cat Person

20. 22 Reasons Vegetarians Are Smarter, Sexier and Happier Than You

21. 17 Reasons Having a Kitten Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

22. 23 Thoughts Every Tomboy Has Around Her Girlfriends

23. 10 Undeniable Facts About People With Green Eyes

24. 24 Reasons Why MEN Should Be The Ones Who Get Pregnant

25. 10 Ways to Look Like a Millionaire

26. The 15 Absolute WORST Things People Have Been Told On a First Date

27. 10 People You Wish Were Your Co-workers

28. 21 Animals Stuck In Extremely Odd Places

29. 15 Reasons College Is Just Kindergarten With Beer

30. 20 Insanely Creative Tattoos You Wish You Had The Guts To Get

31. 20 Ways To Live Like A Disney Princess

32. 18 Cats Who Should Be Dead By Now

33. 7 Foolproof Ways To De-Stress On Campus

34. A Perfect Date With Your Love!

35. 10 Ways To Prove How Manly You Really Are

36. 10 Baby Animals Bathing That Will Make You Say “Awww!”

37. 20 Dogs Who Don’t Know They Are Dogs

38. 21 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl

39. 13 Little Things Your Man Secretly Adores About You

40. 12 Things You Can Do While Facebook is Down

41. 21 Pictures That Prove Children Should Never Be Trusted

42. The 30 Dumbest People Ever

43. 22 Creative Ways To Tell Everyone You’re Getting Married

44. 10 DIY Projects To Make Your Christmas More Hogwarts

45. 10 Problems With Social Media

46. 13 Foods That Remind You Of Your Childhood

47. This Crazy Tattoo Is Giving Me Nightmares

48. The High Heel Hacks You Need To Know

49. 10 Great Money Saving Life Hacks

50. 9 Places That Aren’t Sea World Where You Can Spot Whales


1. Can You Recognize The Book By A One-Word Hint?

2. How well do you know Taylor Swift

3. Can You Name All The Different Kinds of Pasta?

4. Can You Name The Disney Movie Without Any Clues?

5. How Many Flags Do You Actually Know?

6. American? Do you really know America?

7. Can You Answer These 11 Surprisingly Tricky Questions?

8. 15 Questions: How Much Of A Dog Fanatic Are You?

9. Can You Guess The Age Of These Celebrities?

10. How Well Do You Know Paris?

11. How Well Do You Remember Your Childhood?

12. How Much Do You Really Know About Beer?

13. Name The Airport Code

14. Can You Guess What These Popular Gestures Really Mean?

15. How Terrible Is Your Basic Grammar?

16. Whose Big Brother Is This?

17. How well do you know Taylor Swift?

18. Do You Know The Names Of These Bands?

19. Do You Know These Texting Terms?

20. Name The Capitals!

21. Can You Name These Disney Characters?

22. What’s Your Disney Princess IQ?

23. How well do you know Britney Spears?

24. Under or over 40?

25. A Hard Back To The Future I Quiz


1. Which Of These Do You You Wish You Could Ask Your Ex?

2. Did having a child increase your happiness?

3. What Is Your Favorite American Landmark?

4. Which Copycat Movie Do You Like More?

5. What Is Your Greatest Fear?

6. Do You Think Emma Watson Is The Perfect Fit To Play Disney’s Belle?

7. Which Video Game Character Is Your Favorite?

8. Who Is The Sexiest Man Alive?

9. Your ideal Valentine Date…

10. What Do You Think Of Google’s New Logo?

11. Emmys 2015: Who Would You Want As Your TV Mom?

12. Which Ad Campaign Really Represents The “Perfect Body?”

13. Are You Going To Buy the New iPhone 6?

14. What Is Your Favorite Site In Paris?

15. Is Flirting Online The Same As Cheating?

16. The Chicken Or The Egg

17. Do You Have a Real Christmas Tree Or a Fake One?

18. What Kind Of Whiskey Do You Prefer?

19. What Is The BEST Christmas Song?

20. Xbox 360 V.S. Playstation

21. Updated Vs New Disney Princesses

22. Pick Your Next Bond Car

23. What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

24. What Is Your Favorite History Museum?

25. Where Are You Going For Spring Break?

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