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Registry Keeper helps you keep your registries online, accessible to more people, based on registry defined access rules.

Hence, you can build any type of registry, based on the following column types:

  • Text – normal text input field with autocomple from its own values;
  • Combobox – predefined values select component;
  • Date – date field with simple date picker;
  • Time – date field with clocklike picker;
  • Date and time – date field with date and time picker;
  • Number – numeric field field;
  • Textarea – text input component with multiple lines;
  • Autocomplete from registry – normal text input field with autocomplete from one column of another registry.

You can find implemented examples on our .

Registry Keeper is addressed to small and medium groups and companies, but also individual usage. It is designed with Twitter’s Bootrstrap CSS framework, which ensures compatibility with desktops and laptops, together with mobile devices – phones, tablets etc. We have also included multiple languages and beautiful themes so that you can make it more personal.

We have also included account requests which simulates a minimal SaaS (Software as a Service) behavior, which is targeted to help manage the group.

For advanced setup, minimal HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge is required.

Keywords: bootstrap, encryption, local storage, mysql, registries, php

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Password: admin
Key: admin
Encrypt: admin

Simple user
Password: user
Key: user
Encrypt: user

Thank you for the support provided in the comments section.

We would like to state that new features will be added mainly upon request.

We will provide free support for the script installation, if needed.

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v1.0 – March, 31th, 2016

This was the first release of the script.

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