Sales Engine – Find Buyers & Leads on Social Media Free Download

Welcome to The Sales Engine

All you need to do is

1. Add Keywords that correspond to buyers or your domain
Example: want, buy

2. Add your Product
Example: shoes

Below is a screenshot of the results –

Of course the number of buyers and sellers in the results will change depending upon the domain or the line of products you sell. Below is a screenshot of the results for “website templates” –

You just need to select one important keyword from your product name and add it to the “PRODUCTS” field. All other keywords and part names of your product can go into the “KEYWORDS” field. This design yields more effective and varied results

Below are few examples that our customers are using –

Keywords=want,hire,website Product = designer
Keywords=need,website Product=freelancer
Keywords=want,buy Product=shoes
Keywords=want,buy Product=phone
Keywords=want,buy Product=books
Keywords=want,buy,website Product=templates
Keywords=need,wordpress Product=plugin


This is a very simple click-and-use application. .

NO Resale

We do not provide any Resale rights on this product within or outside Envato. Please get the regular licence for yourself or your business and enjoy your sales


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