Self Drive Car Rental Booking Software System Free Download

is a project which aims in developing open source and user-friendly car rental service script. This self-drive car rental service has many features, it includes easy location picker, user-friendly tariff calculator, easy car booking, long trip commute package system, easy deal filtering and chronology calculator. It also has the facility of an offer system where application owner can list-down the offers to users. It also has a facility for dealer to list their cars under cityride.      

Overall this project of ours is being developed for self-drive car riders and car dealers to reduce the efforts of buying new-car and best-way to maintain the cars under cityride.



  • Fully Responsive.
  • Quick login system.
  • User Permissions.
  • View car statistics.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • Tariff Calculator.
  • Long tour self-drive cars are listed under commute page.
  • Simple Content management System
  • Multiple Deal Cars.
  • Over 1000 car makes and model database included.
  • Multiple Offer cars.
  • Introducing chronological calculator which gives month-date-time picker. This way user can book and ride a car easily.
  • Multiple dealerships locations and many more…
  • Cityride maintains all bookings from backend. And user can see the status of the car booking.

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Login details:

Password: 123456

Admin Login:

Username: admin
Password: admin

More details: please contact us @

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